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new MegaMekLab development snapshot 0.1.27

Hey guys,

Release day is here! This is the current MegaMekLab compiled against MegaMek 0.37.10. Enjoy.

v0.1.27 (2014-04-08 03:03)
+ New MegaMek.jar r10732
+ Bug: IndexOutOfBoundsException when selecting jump jet type on Tripod Mechs
+ New MegaMek.jar 0.37.10

new MegaMek experimental snapshot 0.37.10-exp

Hey guys,

As it's release day again, here is the current experimental to match up with the latest development snapshot. There haven't been any changes in experimental only code for this one, just the shared code between it and the dev trunk.

v0.37.10-exp (2014-04-08 02:26)

new MegaMek development snapshot 0.37.10, 0.38.0 Release Candidate 2

Hey everyone,

I'm glad to present the second release candidate for the 0.38.0 stable. Enjoy, and please post any bugs to the tracker!

new MegaMek experimental snapshot 0.37.9-exp

Hey everyone,

Release day is here. First release candidate for the next stable was just pushed, so here is the experimental code built on top of that.

new MegaMek development snapshot 0.37.9, 0.38.0 Release Candidate 1

Hey everyone,

Time for the first release candidate of the current cycle. Actually past time, but I had to be away for a bit so we're doing it now ;)

new MegaMekLab development snapshot 0.1.25

Another release day, enjoy!

new MegaMek experimental snapshot 0.37.8-exp

Release day, enjoy!

v0.37.8-exp (2014-02-22 22:57 UTC)
+ Feature: Added the ability to specify the anti-aliasing rendering hint for the
drawing in BoardView1. The usage of anti-aliasing is parameterized in the
client settings dialog. This smooths out the lines a bit without a
noticeable impact on performance (but again, it's parameterized).

new MegaMek development snapshot 0.37.8

Release day is here again, enjoy!

new MegaMekLab development snapshot

Hi everyone,

This is a long overdue release of MegaMekLab. Special thanks go out to Arlith for the amazing work he has done in this version to implement Aerospace editing, fix Battle Armor editing, and much more. Thanks also go to Taharqa for the UI facelift he initiated.

new MegaMek experimental snapshot 0.37.7-exp

Hi everyone,

Time for another release. Lots of bugfixing goodness this time around. Enjoy!

v0.37.7-exp (2014-02-11 02:57 UTC)
No changes


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