new MegaMek development snapshot 0.35.40





Hi everyone,

another development release with lots and lots of bugfixes. The stable is getting pretty close now, we're at only 10 bugs remaining until we hit stable. As always, get it on the downloads page. Here's the changelog:

v0.35.40 (2013-07-25, 19:04 UTC+2)
+ Bug 3756: Clan 'Mechs with endo-composite flagged as invalid
+ Bug 3770: client settings not saving
+ Introduce saving to XML
+ Bug: reactive armor crits should not be hittable
+ Data: Unit Fixes.
+ Bug: Fixes to Reflective and Reactive Armor.
+ Data: Unit Fixes (Dates and Tech Level)
+ Bug: Fixes to VTOL Jet Booster and Streak LRM dates.
+ Correctly keep track of armor and IS techlevels
+ Fix dropship BV with MMLs
+ Bug: dumper weight wrong
+ Bug: verifier checks patchwork armor wrong
+ Data: Unit Fixes(Industrial mechs and Quasit name issue)
+ Bug 3491: Unit Validation & armor that takes no crits
+ Bug 3774: Starting Fires in Extreme Temperatures
+ Bug: Matched Weapon Ammo dates to weapon. Added Dates for Null Sig and Chameleon Light Shield.
+ Bug 3773: Mech on collapsing building doesn't change elevation
+ Bug 3775: Support VTOL chin turrets
+ Bug 3678: implement TM errata 3.0
+ Bug: info.plist for (Mac dist) missing the new lib files for XML saves
+ Bug: Gladiator.gif conflicts with gladiator.gif data/images/units/mechs/ - moved Gladiator.gif to data/images/units/unused/
+ Add construction data for c3 emergency master
+ Bug: Fixed dates on Prototype Weapons and Misc Equipment
+ Data: Added Missing Mechs from TRO3050/3055/3058/3067/3075/3085/various XTRO/Sourcebooks
+ Bug 3768: Units having a negative cost
+ Bug 3758: Aerospace Firing Air to Ground & Air to Air
+ Bug 3677: Incorrect Aero Ultra AC Damage
+ Bug 3685: aerospace fighter not crashing at altitude 0
+ Bug 2886: (Aero) mode switching enabled that should not be
+ Bug 2829: Weapon Modes in Squadrons
+ Bug 3248: Aerodyne Dropships won't land in snow---latest dev
+ Bug 3778: No/Minimal Arms Disallowing Flip Arms
+ Bug 3612: Grounded Dropship Does Negative Damage to Terrain
+ Bug: Designated Artillery wasn't getting correct number of hexes (Started correct, but upon adding 1 it dropped to 4)
due to hard coded 5 limit in other places.
+ Bug 3779: Last Option in Basic Options Not Showing Name
+ Data: More missing units and added a couple of Lookup names.
+ Bug 3781: provide urban boards with no basement
+ Bug 3721: tank dual turret rotation not working
+ Bug [#3776]: searchlight toggling message is visible to all players in double blind
+ Bug [#2222]: some reports not filtered with "No double blind message" set (just fixed searchlight related messages)
+ Bug [#3783]: Spotlight destruction code isn't completely correct
+ Bug: quad protomech torso weapons multiply on loading
+ Updated strings for easy and difficult to maintain to better explain that they non-effect part is for MegaMek only.
+ Bug [#3784]: Artillery sprites get drawn twice
+ Bug [#3786]: On-board artillery allows pre-designation of auto-hit hexes
+ Bug [#3787]: An entities' artillery tracker can get cluttered with pointless modifiers
+ Bug [#3788]: Artillery To-hit adjusted sprites not being drawn
+ Bug [#3785]: Auto-hit designated hexes are not displayed in the phase they are set in
+ Bug [#3782]: The /reset command does not reset artillery designated hexes
+ Bug [#3789]: MechSelectorDialog dropdowns may have unagreeable defaults
+ Bug [#3748]: Dropship proximity damage does not send entity updates to client
+ Data: More missing units and some more lookup names.
+ Bug #2988: Naval ATM ammo
+ Bug [#3206]: Battle Armors should have access to all ammo types
+ Bug [#3790]: Artillery Against Multi-Hex Units
+ Bug [#3602]: Dropships getting proximity damage multiple times
+ Bug [#3791]: Prototype Improved Jump Jets using incorrect rules (Super Griffin)
+ Bug [#3294]: Mechanical Jump Booster Turn Arrow not Grayed Out
+ Bug [#3407]: PPC Capacitors on dropships