new MegaMek development snapshot 0.35.39





Hi everyone,

time for a new development release. Below, you'll find the release notes.
Two notes:
Lots of unit files got changed in this release, now with proper introduction dates. Not all have yet been fixed, but about half.
Secondly, the changing techlevels from TRO:Prototypes have been implemented. There's now a game option to set the year your game should be taking place, and unit verification will work based on that year. That also means that in your custom unit files, you'll need to have the appropriate year set for them to validate if you are using gear that has changed its techlevel.
The downloads are, as usual, on the downloads page.

v0.35.39 (2013-06-18, 23:00 UTC+2)
+ Bug 3720: defaultQuirks.xml is missing the Rifleman C 2 entry
+ Bug 3719: defaultQuirks.xml is missing the Quickdraw QKD-8P entry
+ Bug 3714: defaultQuirks.xml is missing the Mongoose MON-69 entry
+ Bug 3628: tank weapon malfunction crit only works after one round
+ Bug: patchwork armor weight incorrect
+ Bug 2646: mech with UMU and mechanical jump boosters shows UMU Mp
+ Patch 447: Mouse wheel to control minimap zoom level
+ Patch 445: Allow dragging in minimap
+ Patch 444: Additional Mouse Wheel Behavior using CTRL/SHIFT
+ Bug 3724: MechSelectorDialog unit table cannot be resized
+ Bug 3725: Mechs can mount UMUs and standard jump jets
+ Bug 3726: Mechs with UMUs do not have to roll PSRs for walking into water
+ Bug 3251: UMU Bugs
+ Bug 3661: ChatLounge Comparator violates contract
+ Bug: superheavy tank and support tank locations not working correctly
+ Data: New Maps see Unofficial Folder Aokarasu (Thanks)
+ Data: Various Unit fixes
+ Bug: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when loading large support vees
+ Bug 3727: Large vehicle location/name mismatch
+ Bug: BA BV wrong for units with DWP
+ Bug: The server wasn't being killed when a game fails to load, leaving the socket in use
+ Data: More Unit fixes, Reorganized Vehicles Folder and new image.
+ Partial fix for Bug 3731: Hex class inefficiently stores terrain information
+ Data: Fixes to Narc-/Artemis-equipped units lacking compatible missile ammo
+ Bug: UMU MP not properly displayed in MechDisplay for BattleArmor
+ Bug: units at wrong elevation after successfull DFA
+ Bug 3732: Okinawa DropShip should have aft Streak SRM2s
+ Bug 3731: Hex class inefficiently stores terrain information (Note: this breaks save compatibility)
+ Bug: no collapse check when moving in building
+ Bug 3723: defaultQuirks.xml missing STK-4P and STK-6M Stalker models
+ Bug 3730: Potential Race condition in RandomNameGenerator when loading a saved game before units are done loading
+ Patch : I changed how the MechSummaryCache is written. It's now a binary file instead of a text file. This is part of the code in Patch #450
+ Bug 3037: "Done" button failes to work after reset
+ Bug 3738: Startup button disabled for shutdown dropships
+ Bug 3737: Jumping over buildings causes collapse and fall -- again
+ Bug 3740: Units loaded in the lobby cannot be unloaded in the first movement phase
+ Bug: NPE when entering buildings on mapsheets beyond the first
+ Patch 448: Allow a user to change the owner of units he controls in the ChatLounge
+ Bug: Minor updates to, see Bug #3671
+ Bug 3739: Hexes misreport their own coordinates
+ Bug: Angel ECM mounted on BA has range 2
+ Added BA heavy flamers
+ Bug 3459: Burning forests
+ infastructure to send sets of hexes to the client to be updated
+ Bug: Mechs register as crippled after first sensor hit.
+ Bug 3722: NPE error in Princess Precognition in round 2 when Immediate Withdrawal is selected.
+ Bug: Mechs with destroyed side torso not registering as crippled.
+ Data: Vehicle file fixes,new images,fixed RAT's
+ Bug 3733: Battlearmor with UMUs can't use all of their UMU MP
+ Bug 3741: Movement path decals aren't removed with /reset command
+ Updated MechView to display UMU MP separately. Now uses #/#/#/# for Walk/Cruis/Jump/UMU
+ Applied 2013/05/21 ELRM20 heat errata, some C-bill cost fixes
+ Bug: Multiple "Weapon Malfunction" vehicle critical hits in one phase striking the same weapon.
+ Data: More Vehicle file fixes
+ Bug: ClassCastException when selecting sword-equipped infantry
+ Bug 3722: Updated Precognition to (hopefully) eliminate all the potential concurrency issues.
+ Bug 3643: Dropping Troops From Aerospace Unit Movement Error
+ Infantry weapon damage/BV update to most recent list values.
+ Added inferno heavy and standard infantry SRM.
+ Bug: Wrong to-hit modifier for base range 0 infantry attacks.
+ Bug 3744: Change of bot unit ownership in lobby doesn't "take"
+ Bug 3559: Conventional Aircraft cannot deploy troops
+ Data: Beginning of Date corrections for all units.
+ Bug 3614: (Aero) Side-Slip Rules Incorrect on Ground Maps
+ Bug 3625: "no units to move" after assault drop; dropped unit frozen at altitude after skip
+ Bug: If a game is loaded that is beyond the deployment phase, the RNG, RUG and MechSummaryCache do not get wiped out.
This leads to a lot of extra memory being used. These are normally wiped out in Client, when the phase changes to deployment.
+ Data: More Mech Date fixes. Removal of a few duplicate units and adding a couple of missed Omni Variants
+ Cleaned up a bunch of unclosed handlers creating memory leaks. Added some warning suppression to a few unused things.
Added default cases to several switch statements to get rid of warnings.
+ Bug: Entity.isPermanentlyImmobilized counting MP reductions from heat as permanent damage.
+ Bug: shields get less DA and DC when constructed without hands/LA
+ Bug: BA Jump MP not correct for UMU units
+ Data: More Date and unit fixes
+ Bug 3750: Indirect LRM fire from a tank isn't being checked correctly for LOS
+ Bug: Modifier for motive damage check for charged vehicles taken from *attacker*, not target; ClassCastException if "attacker" was a (skidding) 'Mech.
+ Bug 3722: Synchronized the copying of the events_to_process LinkedList.
+ Bug: Missing messages for WeaponQuirksInfo.option.fast_reload.displayableName and WeaponQuirksInfo.option.fast_reload.description
+ Bug: sprinting with XXL should cost 9 heat, not 8
+ Bug 3743: NPE: Incorrect cross platform support for directory path separator (/ vs. \ depending on OS)
+ Bug: ASF BV wrong when using PPC capacitors
+ Fixed some leftover calls to deprecated methods.
+ Keep techlevels per year, to allow tech progression as in recent TROs
+ Bug 3755: Armorless second turret added to vehicles loaded from HMV files.
+ Added a couple of 'Mech-specific "permanently immobilized" checks (prone with 0 base walking MP / gyro destroyed).
+ Bug: VTOL rotors not shown in MechView.
+ Removed some more spurious "phantom" locations.
+ Bug: more building basement oddities fixed
+ Bug: prototype IJJs failing verifier
+ VTOL rotor damage handling updated to reflect May 2013 rulings/errata (notably, destroying the location by running it out of IS kills the vee again but the "rotors destroyed" critical hit itself doesn't, and VTOLs destroyed in mid-flight don't stick around long enough to crash).
+ Rotor TACs now marked as such.
+ Data: More Date/Unit/RAT fixes and a couple of new images.
+ Bug: Tech Level fixes to Medium and Light Rifles.
+ Bug: Aimed shots at VTOLs allowed aiming at an unarmored phantom "turret" but not the rotor.
+ Bug 3759: NPE going from damage resolution to physicals
+ Bug 3757: units.cache not properly synched
+ Bug: TacOps ammo explosions ignore vehicle CASE.
+ Bug: Broken C3i network display in Swing chat lounge (missing message string for free slot count).
+ Data: CASE mounted in rear rather than body on Thor Artillery Vehicle (C3i); fixed.
+ Bug: misc BV fixes
+ Bug 3762: Dropship Artillery receiving bonus
+ WIP Bug 3763: ArtilleryBayWeapon not working on ground map (always out of range)
+ Bug 3764: NPE loading maps
+ Feature 1127: Edge and MASC
+ Bug 3753: Vehicular Mine Dispenser is non-functional
+ Bug: NPE in - Missing NULL check for metal content.
+ Bug: NPE in when calling calculateBattleValue (via MekHQ)
+ Bug 3765: Turn issues with "infantry move after other units" option
+ Bug 3752: Artillery Designated Hexes not scaling with map sheet size
+ Bug 3754: View Unit Not Working in Artillery Phase
+ Bug 3304: Hang when unloading elementals from prone unit with TestBot
+ Bug 2845: Aero does not dissipate heat while offmap