new MegaMek development snapshot 0.35.38





Hi everyone,

Another week, another dev snapshot with even more bugfixes. A stable looms on the horizon.

v0.35.38 (2013-05-07, 01:44 UTC+2)
+ Bug 3703: TacOps partial cover causes one-sided LOS
+ Bug: fixed wrong apostrophe character in 3 mechfiles
+ Bug: civilian/military check not working correctly
+ Automatically remove hand and lower arm actuators when adding AC guns/Gauss
rifles to omni unit's arms
+ Bug 3704: Dragon Fire default quirks wrong
+ Bug 3708: Vertical cover doesn't protect legs like it should
+ Bug 3705: TacOps partial cover should only effect meks
+ Bug 2916: Building partial cover takes no damage from attacks
+ Bug: Selection not translating correctly to facing in 'Mech turret rotation dialog.
+ Right-shoulder turrets now acknowledge heads exist.
+ Fix some errors in Princess' to-hit guesses
+ Bug 3368: Saving games with dedicated hosts
+ Bug 3706: Load Unit List button is enabled before all units are loaded
+ Bug 3707: File selection doesn't clear on file selector dialog for Load Unit List
+ Bug 3594: Taking no damage from partial cover not always occurring
+ Bug: TacOps ammo explosion rule checks wrong location for CASE.
+ Bug 3710: Default Quirks Jenner JR7-C4 Missing
+ Bug: Jump-capable units sometimes can't enter buildings
+ Data: Added Images for Dola and Jenner A
+ Data: Added missing units from Dossiers,DTP:Liao and Vega,ED:Golden Century
+ Data: Unit fixes
+ Bug: lots of bugs with basements, should now work correctly
+ Bug: check buildings for collapse after deployment
+ Bug: misc building basement bugfixes
+ Bug: damage from building collapse using wrong table
+ Bug: Units crippled from weapon loss not always recognized as such.
+ Bug: PSRs resulting from IndustrialMech end-of-turn crits delayed until next turn.
+ Data: Clean up of Aerospace Duplicate units and more unit fixes.
+ Bug 3715: Plasma weapon damage vs. buildings
+ Bug 3716: Jumping over buildings causes collapse and fall
+ Bug: Burst-fire weapons deal too much damage against conventional infantry in buildings
+ Bug 3712: implement protomech special hit location table
+ Bug: bug with DFA elevation and buildings
+ Bug: climbing backwards on building should require PSR with tacops backwards movement
+ Bug 3717: Inferno's don't properly deal damage to units in the same hex as a targeted building
+ Bug 3718: Inferno's don't properly deal heat damage to Aeros
+ Bug 3496: Hotkeys failing to work
+ Bug 3487: Problems generating random maps
+ Bug 3243: changing map settings resets options
+ Bug: extended LRM 20 should have heat 12
+ Bug: clan artillery ammo BV wrong
+ Bug: CASE II in torso should prevent explosive BV reduction in adjacent leg
+ Bug 3702: changing game settings resets camo selection dialog
+ Start to allow multiple techlevels per equipment, based on year, for TRO:Prototypes tech progression