new MegaMekLab development snapshot 0.1.22





Hi everyone,
I just released a new development snapshot of MegaMekLab. Get it on the download page, as usally.
Here's the changelog:
V 0.1.22
+ Bug: removing multiple equipments at once doesn't work
+ Bug 36: Hang when Building Battlearmor
+ Bug: extra crits when loading unit with crit-using IS or armor and using
reset button in build tab
+ Bug 50: fixed location equipment can't be added correctly and shouldn't be removed on reset
+ Drag and Drop for moving stuff from location to location in mech build view
+ MASC and Supercharger bug fix
+ VTOL with lots of rear armor printing fix
+ Spheroid Small Craft vectorized printout
+ Raw type warnings removed
+ Bug 60: Remove Lower Arm Actuator
+ Bug 63: Stealth Armor shouldn't get removed on reset click in build view
+ Bug: Fixed location equipment should be only deletable, not removable
+ vectorized VTOL printing
+ added support for printing VTOLs with turrets
+ Print Ferro-Lamellor armor info on sheets
+ Fix patchwork armor allocation for mechs
+ Revamped UI for tanks
+ Fixed lots of equipment codes
+ Fixed pop-up mine ammo printing
+ Fixed TAG damage code
+ Automatically remove hand and lower arm actuators for Omni Mechs when mounting
PPCs, ACs or Gauss Weapons in Arms