new MegaMek development snapshot 0.35.37





Hi everyone,

Again a new development snapshot. Here's the changelog:
v0.35.37 (2013-04-27, 00:35 UTC+2)
+ Bug 3458: Imaging stacking error
+ Bug 3694: Hull-down button for vehicles is enabled when the vehicle cannot go hull-down
+ Data 355: Vehicle Files missed in Latest Release .35.36
+ Bug 3657: Tanks Hull Down in a hex cannot get out
+ Bug 3692: Map selection broken for map sheets beyond the first
+ Bug 3695: Artillery modifier of 2,147,483,644
+ Bug 3691: Mech forced to make skill test to exit building
+ Bug: PPCs with capacitors should reduce defensive BV for explodability
+ Bug: Physical attack weapons that have BV based on damage should also account
for TSM in their BV, where applicable
+ Bug: Field Gun RACs and UACs shouldn't jam
+ Bug: BV bug with blue shield that is partially protected by CASE II
+ Bug 3698: With "Diagramming LOS" rules on, the number of intervening buildings can be double counted
+ Bug 3699: TacOps ammo explosions ignore CASE
+ Bug 3639: building basement type not saved in mapfile, unable to set "no basement" in map file
+ Bug 3700: Three-quarters and vertical cover are not working for TacOps partial cover
+ Bug 3517: heavy flamer power amplifier weight
+ Bug: duplicate infantry weapons
+ Bug 3701: Errors in RAT files(includes a few new units)
+ Refactor armor point multiplier for hardened armor
+ Corrected Clan availability codes, tech ratings and dates includes Weapons,Ammo and Misc. Equipment.
+ Deleting empty folders in Mechfiles.
+ Bug: Swords not accounted for in BV calculation.
+ Bug: Targeting computers double-counted for BV purposes.
+ Bug: ASF explosive BV penalty to large for explosive weapons
+ Bug 3703: TacOps partial cover causes one-sided LOS
+ Bug: patchwork armor weight not accounting for rear armor
+ Bug: misc bug with armor type and dual turret tanks
+ Automatically assign correct ammo for pop-up mine launchers
+ Change auto grenade launcher to heavy grenade launcher due to TW/TM errata
+ Bug: wrong weight for IS partial wing

As usual, get it on the download page.