New MekHQ Development Release 0.3.0





Do you like logistics? Do you like taking out loans? Do you also like Protomechs? If you are in the vanishingly small population that answered yes to all three of these questions, then this is the release for you! There are quite a few new features in this first release for the 0.3 development cycle, which you can get on the downloads page. The two major ones are a new and uniform procurement system for units and parts and the ability to take out real loans instead of just spending negative money.

Acquiring parts has always been a bit strange in MekHQ. If you acquire them via the repair bay, your tech has to roll for them but you can purchase them with no roll from the marketplace menu. Also, why is your tech rolling for them? Isn't that what admin are for? Well, now you have a lot of options about how you want to handle part and unit procurement and whatever you decide it will be handled in systematically the same fashion regardless of where you do it from. In the options tab, you can decide what skill you want to use for procurement and MekHQ will automatically grab the person with the best skill, although you can also specify that only support personnel should be eligible. You can also specify automatic success if you just want parts to show up. Whether you are on the parts store or the repair bay when you try to acquire a part, it works the same way. You roll for each item and can keep getting more until you fail. Once you fail for a particular type of item, all additional attempts go onto a "procurement list" that you can see at the bottom of the unit and warehouse screens. After a user-specified time period, MHQ will automatically roll again for whatever is on your procurement list until it fails again.

You can also set up delivery options. You can choose to have parts delivered instantly or you can select a variety of parameters to get a random deliver time for each part and unit. All in all, we are hoping that this adds a bit more versimilitude and challenge for the players without becoming too much of a logistic headache. One thing that we have planned for future releases is a parts logistics overview dialog where you can see what you have and what you need altogether and add purchases.

Loans are actually kind of cool. They are based on the beta rules for StellarOps that were released on the btech site. Unlike those rules, however, these ones use a full amortization schedule because its simple for a computer. By default (hah!), the loan terms you can get depend on your rating, but that can be disabled in options. You can even use it to calculate the mortgage on that home you want to buy, just don't sue us if its wrong.

Since you can now take out loans, MekHQ will no longer allow you to spend into negative cash - you will have to get a loan to stay afloat (or a Rich Uncle). MekHQ also will not allow you to advance time if you don't have the cash to make a loan payment. You will either have to liquidate parts or units to pay it off or you will have to default on it to advance. The defaulting dialog is wretched and is a work in progress, but you really shouldn't be there anyway, right?

We also put together a few other financial goodies, including a nice net worth report on the finance tab. And speaking of the beta StellarOps rules, we have also added the option to base contracts on a percentage of your asset values rather than personnel costs. I am on record that the standard 5% per month that the beta uses is way too high, so you can adjust that percentage as you like.

And protomechs. They should work now. I think. We are still waiting on War of Reaving tech for the Megamek stable.

Here is the full change log:

+ Bug 341: Conventional Pilots and Hire Full Complement
+ New acquisition procedure (see comments in ShoppingList for details)
+ Bug 342: NPE displaying Dragoon's Rating if unit has no commander
+ ShoppingListDialog
+ Bug: all acquisitions failing
+ better reporting in repair bay about acquisitions
+ added waiting times to shoppingList display
+ Bug 338: Dragoon's Rating error for tech support FMM:R method
+ Bug 334: Support hours for secondary personnel in dragoons rating
+ transit times for parts (highly customizable in campaign options)
+ Option to base mercenary contracts on value of force in TO&E (per StellarOps Beta)
+ Bug 260: BLC error (base on buy value no sell value)
+ Bug 350: Dragoon's Rating error FMM:R method for transportation
+ Data 1: Additional Force Icons
+ Dylan's Force Icons
+ Loans
+ disallow negative funds (take out loans instead) - still need to implement loan default
+ don't allow new day advancement until overdue loans are dealt with
+ finances.isInDebt change calculation to account for loans
+ loan payment and principal transaction codes for Transaction
+ LoanTable in finance tab
+ LoanTableMouseAdapter with Default, pay off, and remove (GM) options - need pay off collateral option
+ Bug: NPE in DragoonsRatingRevised
+ Bug 340: Dragoon's Rating error FMM:R method when in debt
+ Bug: overdue status not removed on loan payment
+ Bug 323/Patch 25: Individual camo not saving from MM/Patch for individual camo
+ Patch 26: GM Mode complete Task/Acquisition
+ Bug: Adjustment to Patch 26 code to support part transit times.
+ added context menu options Cancel Order and Deliver Part Now (GM) in warehouse
+ backwards compatability for conventional pilot types
+ put procurement list in warehouse tab instead of dialog
+ mouse adapter for procurement list table
+ restructured ShoppingList to add IAcquisitionWork instead of part
+ changed ShoppingListDialog to ProcurementTableModel and placed in CampaignGUI
+ put in can't afford it checks to ShoppingList.addShoppingItem and ShoppingList.newDay
+ Unit purchasing now used same method as parts acquisition
+ Unit procurement table in hangar tab
+ procure single and all item menu items for GM mode in ProcurementTableMouseAdapter
+ Bug: equipment parts not recognizing same status in warehouse
+ Bug: too much armor for custom refits
+ Bug: display off armor needed in refits incorrect
+ refit kits should take time too
+ refit kit fixes
+ change references to "shopping list" to "procurement list"
+ pay for recruitment option (2 x monthly salary)
+ option to disable StellarOps loan limits
+ recalculate loan limits based on rep modifier rather than dragoon rating
+ Bug: checking for insufficient funds when units and parts pay for options are false
+ Bug: wacky delivery times when acquisition roll set to auto success
+ Bug: NPE on unit purchases when they have no model name
+ financial report on finance tab
+ various Protomek parts
+ upload data to mercroster (wip)
+ protomek jump jet part
+ various fixes to protomech parts
+ removed outdated Part.getPartType
+ protomech gunnery skill and associated checks for protomech pilots
+ bug with ammo bin finding ammo
+ salvaged engine reduces proto to 0 MP
+ Fix for ammo counting on protos
+ adjustments for proto myomer booster and some WoR adjustments (jump jets and quad)
+ ammo fixes for protos
+ Ba Armor part
+ couple of proto fixes
+ New MegaMek.jar (9246)
+ PayCollateralDialog (WIP)
+ collect parts that should be the same when loading game for backwards compatability