new MegaMek development snapshot 0.35.36






again a new release full of bugfixes. Here's the changelog:
v0.35.36 (2013-04-13, 23:23 UTC+2)
+ Bug 3325: Oversized custom platoon causes client to hang on deployment
+ Bug: weapon swarm attack possible when not swarming a mek
+ Bug 3658: Infantry with AA guns cannot attack aircraft
+ Bug: cant load magnetic clamp BA in chat lounge
+ Bug 3647: Chameleon LPS not working
+ Bug 3648: Issues with "skip ineligible for firing phase" option
+ Bug 3532: Arty splash damage listing
+ Bug 3610: Firing through Level-2 Fuel Tanks
+ Bug 3100: Flight Paths Conflict with TacOps Airborne Targeting
+ Bug/Data 352: Fixed mechset in 0.35.35 release
+ Added construction support for VTOLs with turrets
MapSet for MechDisplay is missing
+ Fixed Kyudo naming in Mechset
+ Bug 3549: Torso Cockpit Head Destruction Causes MegaMek to Freeze
+ Bug 3645: Princess Bot NPE After Withdrawing Tank
+ Bug 3549/3645: Modified the code to make sure all references to the homeEdge
variable go through the new getter & setter methods.
+ Bug 3671: Undamaged unit flagged as "Crippled"
+ Bug: Chain Whip BV wrong
+ Bug: CASE II should prevent all explosive BV reductions
+ Bug 3684: TechConstants.getTechName(int) is unaware of T_ALLOWED_ALL
+ Bug 3679: MechViewPanel width and height not properly set
+ Bug 3676: Extended LRM name
+ Bug 3667: Deployment any on late deployment
+ Bug 2860: BV for external stores was not added
+ Bug 3170: Chatterbox2 slows down rendering on many systems
+ Bug 3637: Infantry Illegal Charges Mechs
+ Bug: Turret VTOLs with patchwork armor don't get correct armortype on turret
+ Bug 3688: RS Unique Fighters
+ Bug 3687: Unit intro date bug
+ Data 338: Constable BA files
+ Data 318: Katya Ground Assault Craft
+ TM errata: Force Size Mod for BV does not exist anymore
+ minor additions in protomech (for MHQ)
+ Data 354: Assorted MegaMek unit images
+ Data 350: New image for Jackrabbit
+ Data 353: New and Fixed Unit Files
+ Data 334: Katya Art
+ Zip unitfiles into zips only when releasing, to keep better track of unitfile
changes in SVN
+ Bug 3355: Bot makes aimed shots with LB-X Cluster
+ Bug 3513: super heavy combat vehicle turrets not working
+ Bug 3581: BV calculation for vehicles with dead crew
+ Bug 3656: Hardened armor does not provide the -2 bonus for all penetrating
critical hits
+ Bug 3592: Defeated player stuck as observer in lobby after game ends
+ Bug 3690: The LOS tool doesn't appear to consider wooded hexes when determing
whether LOS is blocked or not
+ Bug 3496: Hotkeys failing to work
+ Bug 3660: Map selection bug, keeps defaulting to "surprise"
+ Misc report fixes

Get it on the download page as usual.