new MegaMek development snapshot 0.35.35





after a few months of lots and lots of bugfxing, we're getting closer to our next stable, but there's still a few more bugs to fix. Get it on the download page, as usual.
Here's the changelog:
v0.35.35 (2013-03-14, 22:49 UTC+1)
+ CL Mech Mortars have wrong racksize
+ added getRawCost to equipmentType
+ Bug 3630: Duplicate defaultQuirks Entries Prevent Cache Refresh
+ Made changes to MechSummaryCache so that it continues to load units (even in
zip files) when the units.cache is truncated
+ Bug: IM BV should have 0.9 mod for offensive BV, not overall BV
+ give destroyed infantry unit pilots six hits to identify dead ejected pilots in salvage mul
+ Bug 3640: Thunder-Augmented minefields stack incorrectly
+ Bug 3641: Coolant failure does not show in heat capacity
+ Bug: Angel ECM not showing up in affected by in mech display
+ Bug: Angel ECM not affecting streak launchers
+ Bug: ECM and ECCM strength did not consider mode in calculation
+ Bug: hasActiveAngelECM and hasActiveAngelECCM in Entity only considered double ECM and ECCM modes
+ Bug: Compute.GetAngelECMFieldSize did not consider the issue of other enemy ECM soaking up friendly ECCM
+ Bug 3342: BV of C3B network is wrong
+ Bug 3343: C3B network disrupted by ECM
+ Bug 2897: iNarc ECM Pod does not disrupt C3
+ Bug 3179: AX SRM Warheads don't work according to TO
+ Bug 3229: Submarines affected by smoke on water surface latest SVN
+ Bug 3230: Submarines take fire damage under water latest SVN
+ Bug 3319: Thunderbolt launchers "deal no damage"
+ Bug 2792: Ruler in Swing needs to be resized
+ Bug 3396: Ice Storm and low vis issues
+ Bug 2947: Smoke and Death From Above
+ Bug 3081: Thunder FASCAM not enough minefields
+ Bug 3633: Artillery getting Ghost Target penalty
+ Bug 2634: (AERO) Direct blow affecting aero crits (yes, they do!)
+ Bug 3357: Floating TAC trumps Partial Cover
+ Bug 3271: HVAC and smoke
+ Bug 3141: Arrow IV Homing direct blow does no damage
+ Patch 443: Hull Down Vehicle Partial Fix
+ Bug 3205: Multiple MG Arrays in 1 location always fire all MGs
+ Don't register with serverbrowser by default
+ Bug 3578: Princess does not check CF before jumping on buildings
+ Bug 3577: BA swarm attack incorrect w/2+ weapons & target is destroyed
+ Bug 3341: Weapons deal no dmg during swarmattack
+ Bug 3268: Mech Mortar Ammo
+ Bug 3338: MechMortars and IF
+ Bug 3588: C3 Networks not loading
+ Bug 3101: Aerospace TAG Has Incorrect Range
+ Bug 2527: Ferro Alluminium Armour listed as Ferro Fiberous
+ Bug 3642: Frozen in heat phase (partial fix)
+ Bug 3644: Fighter hit by own inferno bomb
+ Bug 3556: Secondary ammo explosion damage negates CASE
+ Bug 3619: Dropship can't load to full capacity
+ Bug 2855: esc to clear fire not always working
+ Bug 2637: (AERO) No warning messages on unsafe launches
+ Bug 2806: Homing Arrows & Collateral damage vs. BA
+ Bug 2963: save board as image saves in wrong folder
+ Bug 3483: Smoke ammo (MML) does not work
+ TM Errata: all weapons with >= 8 crits are splitable
+ BA Magnetic clamp always allow BAs to ride as mechanized BA
+ Implemented ProtoMech partial wing
+ Bug 3269: mechs in buildings LOS
+ Bug 3574: Able to kick standing 'Mech's head while in building
+ Bug 3031: skid into building
+ TM Errata: clan LRM 2 BV changed, Mag Clamp BV changed
+ TM Errata: Aero defensive BV changes
+ TM Errata: stealth armor heat now counts for heat efficiency in BV calc
+ Bug 3217: wrecking ball should cause PSR when attacker is support vee
+ Protomech BV should use max TMM from running or jumping, not just running
+ TM Errata: compact engines give extra item slot on Tanks
+ TM Errata: aero explosive equipment BV penalty fixed
+ Bug: magnetic clamp BV
+ Bug 3437: Loading units onto transports from chatlounge is invalid
+ Bug: Chameleon LPS should effect infantry (but no range brackets),
+ Bug 3353: Spikes do not absorb damage
+ Bug 3362: Vehicle Charge attack on another Vehicle
+ Bug 3536: armored component bug
+ Bug 3399: Swamp / quicksand bugs
+ Bug 3582: Warship name is misspelled.
+ Bug 3589: Building and unit crash not reported in weapons phase
+ Bug 3571: ASN-99 stats incorrect
+ Bug 3146: Error starting position any and delayed deployment
+ Bug 3604: no newline after "no breach" message
+ Bug 3646: Unjam Ultra Autocannons optional rule is nonfunctional
+ Bug 3579: Skin-of-teeth Ejection
+ Bug: Bad copy/paste when fixing 3579
+ Bug: bad raw type call on ArrayList,
needed to be ArrayList
+ Parameterized a bunch of raw types and fixed other warnings as well.
+ Bug: Partisan Air Defense Tank (Quad RAC) incorrect date
+ Data: Unit images for Tokugawa variants (as exact),
Prowler Explorer Vehicle (As chassis), and Kyudo 01 and 02.
+ Bug: Lightning Mech uses Lightning ASF Sprite
(Assigned to default images using exact)
+ Data 258: Update mechset to give priority to local client choices
RFE: Moved includes in mechset and wreckset files to the bottom.
+ Entity.getLocationName() return !UNDEFINED! if it receives a -1 input
for location. This is for MekHQ safety net.
+ Data 341: Corrected RAT's
+ Data 292: Mech Images 3
+ Data 291: Mech Images 2
+ Data 194: Reseen Sprites
+ Data 186: Battle of Stanrey/Kalnock
+ Bug 3542: Princess NPE in IdealHex
+ return "None" rather than "!UNDEFINED!" in Entity.getLocationName()
+ Bug 3663: Bug when a unit uses up one ammo slot
+ Bug: After rules errata change for pilot damage on skin of teeth ejection
no damage applied to pilot.
+ Bug: Offboard attack phase (TAG & Artillery Landing) not following
simultaneous targeting option.
+ Bug 3664: Megamek doesn't remember window sizes
+ Bug 2948: Physical Attacks against VTOLs
+ Bug: +4 for head destruction of torso-mounted cockpit added twice
+ Cleanup resolveMechWarriorPickUp()
+ Bug: Enemy units ignored elevation when picking up MechWarriors.
+ Bug 3575: Mud Takes Priority in Minimap
+ Bug: Next Unit button skipping units
+ Bug 3674: Null armor panel on loading save game
+ Bug 2509: units should remember last turn movement (pavement for skid)
+ Bug: fail infantry assault drop as per paratroopers (needs work)