New MekHQ Release 0.1.21





We have a new MekHQ release available on the download page. There are some important bug fixes in this release, including the unit.cache bug that caused so many problems in version 0.1.20. This version of MekHQ also takes advantage of the new redesigned MegaMekLab. You will also notice that we now have dedicated Windows and OSX packages of MekHQ. The icons used in these releases are placeholders while we work on getting something prettier.

I should also note that we have updated the data files in MHQ to correspond to the latest files in MegaMek. This is a good thing for the most part, but can also cause problems potentially if units have changed the order of equipment in their file, their name, etc. I have made some changes that should make MHQ more robust in handling these sorts of changes, but if you notice things not working right, please post a bug report.

Here is the full change log:

v0.1.21 (2013-02-07)
+ Bug: infinite loop in MekGyro#updateConditionFromEntity
+ Added four shell files for Linux/UNIX users to start megamek easier. - starts MekHQ - starts MML - starts MegaMek with 1GB of RAM and uses the full script from the MegaMek package to use $HOME/.megamek - starts MegaMek with 512MB of RAM and stays in the local MekHQ folder
+ Planetary Update 27, 28, and 29
+ update to stay current with MML
+ Planetary Update 30
+ updates for infantry in MekLabPanel
+ Planetary Update 31
+ updated location of MechView in MM.jar
+ Planetary update 32 and 33
+ updated MM and MML jars
+ updated packaging.xml
+ added an unscrambleEquipmentNumbers routine to campaign loading to deal with changing equip numbers in mounted
+ Bug 291: KIA,MIA and retired support personnel still count towards support needs.
+ check for invalid force ids in loading (associated with Bug 292)
+ part of Bug 294: Contract Location - hitting enter multiple times
+ Bug 297: MekLab outer stats doesn't correctly handle prototype DHS
+ Bug 296: Targeting Computer's weight tracked incorrectly
+ Planetary update 34
+ Bug 289: NPE on invalid location of Artemis IV FCS
+ Bug 287: Campaigns not saving tank motive system and engine hits
+ Bug 285: File not loading; Error refers back to Log file. (xml character escaping for equipment names)
+ Bug: NPE for contract dates
+ Bug 295: Mech Salvage selection bug after battle
+ Bug 281: Error with tech limits
+ updated MegaMek.jar
+ updated MML.jar
+ new mekhq icon
+ updated packaging_utils for windows build