new MegaMek development snapshot 0.35.34





Hi everyone,

after 2 months of development, here's our latest development snapshot.

v0.35.34 (2013-01-27, 22:55 UTC+1)
+ Bug: DWP jettison detection not working
+ Patch 440: Princess patch : forced withdrawal, ejection and fleeing changes
+ Patch 439: isometric draw order and tooltip refresh bug fix
+ Patch 438: source 1.6 in build.xml
+ Patch 437: Patch for storing individual camo in the tag
+ Patch 429: Adds Camo Parsing to Scenario Loader
+ Patch 422: center windows on screen
+ Patch 435: Princess: Begin a Game in Withdrawal
+ Patch 413: ejection for TestBot
+ Bug: BA with non-ammo weapons in DWP should be able to dump DWP
+ Errata: prototype IJJ should subtract 1 from defensive BV each
+ availability codes, tech ratings and dates for most weapons and base ammo and
some equipment (thanks Hammer and Neil!)
+ Bug 1136: Princess Bot Ignores Infantry.
+ Bug 3620: Princess Bot Does Not Move Heavy Infantry
+ change to MekViewPanel dimensions to accomodate MML
+ Bug 3626: falling while standing on building - mech not prone
+ Bug 3615: VTOL Jet Booster too heavy
+ Patch 441: Orthographics for Bridges and Submersables
+ Bug 3611: Minimap does not show fuel tanks
+ armorTonnage double in entity for tracking total armor tonnage in MML
+ fix NPE when determining physical phase eligibility
+ fix Princess to-hit guess against ejected MechWarriors
+ re-organized static JUMP_* ints in for MML purposes
+ ignore .DS_Store when loading units
+ use MML fluff image if one is provided
+ Bug: 3630 Duplicate defaultQuirks Entries Prevent Cache Refresh
+ a few infantry corrections for MML
+ MechTextView for outputing units as formatted text
+ refactored MechView into megamek.common
+ Bug: 3630: Fixed an infinite loop in the default quirks load process that was
preventing the units cache inititialization from finishing.
+ contained two entries for the Mongoose MON-68: one in 3039u and the
other in 3050u. The one in 3050u had the MON-69 configuration, which was
missing from I have fixed and renamed the 3050u file.
+ Bug 3629: Designs flagged as illegal due to "unallocated armor points"
+ Bug 3631: VTOLS can pickup ejected pilots regardless of flight level
+ Patch 442: leading spaces in report messages
+ changed packaging.xml to put lib inside for OSX package
+ Bug: Firing arcs for large support vees and super heavy vehicles wrong
+ Bug 3632: head turret should be legal on quad mech
+ Fixed a few RAT errors
+ Bug 3595: Crashed dropship leads to NPE
+ Bug 3597: Incorrect names on movement options
+ RFE 1133: no more tarbombs please
+ removed armor point check from TestMech