new MegaMek development snapshot 0.35.33





Hey guys,

after quite a while, here's our latest development snapshot with lots and lots of bugfixes.
As always, head to the download page to get it.

Here's the changelog:

v0.35.33 (2012-11-26, 22:19 UTC+1)
+ Added additional logging to Princess in order to make it a bit easier to track
down the runtime problems she has.
+ The Princess portion of the Bot Config Dialog now has 3 levels of verbosity:
ERROR, WARNING and DEBUG. DEBUG gets pretty verbose and shouldn't be used
unless you're looking for something specific.
+ I believe I have finally fixed the issue with Princess getting stuck in the
Precognition.wait_for_unpause logic because the events_to_process list was
never clearing out.
+ Bug: MM hanging up on deployment with conventional infantry
+ Bug: BA having equipment doubled
+ additions for InfantryLab in MML
+ traitor command for units switching sides
+ new windres and Id binaries in launch4j that will run on OSX Lion
+ updated OSX packaging to keep lib outside of app folder, for consistency with
+ check for null mounted on BipedMech#hasVibroBladeInLocation (still don't know
why a null mounted was there though)
+ Bug: RAT files not reloading when the game is reset
+ Bug: random name generator losing preferences when game reset
+ added tech rating, availability codes, and dates to extended equipment
+ base getNCrew and getNPassenger methods in Aero
+ Feature 1115: Each C3/C3i Network gets a different color.
+ Bug 3572: Tanks are being treated like ASF for weight classes (Was: Tank
weightclass sorting wrong in MechSelectorDialog)
+ WIP Feature 1121: Unofficial Option: All mechs carry Battle Armor
+ Bug: Clan Recoilless Rifles have wrong internal name
+ Bug 3142: Flamer infantry attacks with rifles
+ Bug 3187: Infantry Flamers special ability
+ Bug 2764: Manei Domini and P/L MASC
+ Bug 3327: Some MD enhancement quirks
+ Bug 3359: Fighter Squadrons have 0 overthrust
+ Bug 3255: Deleting unit in squadron doesnt get removed
+ Bug: some cluster weapons not doing aero damage correctly
+ Bug: squadron base weapon damage not based on attack value
+ some fixes to
+ Bug 3063: (Aero) Ultra cluster damage
+ improvements to damage reporting for aeros
+ Bug 3254: NPE in PilotMapSet
+ Bug 3351: Wrong Damage of AI weapons vs. MechInf
but see,23928.0.html
+ Bug: Images from data/images/fluff/* not displaying in Linux AND
using File.exists() instead of File.isFile() allowing directories to be incorrectly matched
+ Bug 3062: 0 MP infantry cannot climb stairs
+ Bug 3326: Swarm w/ Conventional Infantry
+ Bug 3112: Sylph getting stuck with combat drop
+ Bug 3288: Aero return flyover deploys along wrong edge
+ Bug 3389: Altitude Bombing not working at NOE
+ Bug 3471: DFA on an Aerospace unit causes ridiculous fall
+ Bug 3372: Plasma rifles don't add heat to ASFs
+ Bug: fighter squadron plasma rifles don't add heat for all weapons that hit
+ Bug 3565: Infantry Costs
+ Bug 2672: (aero) NPE when ramming with Kraken-T missiles
+ Bug 3591: Fighters on ground maps - "Random"
+ Bug 3516: Collision with a dropship
+ Bug 3351: Wrong Damage of AI weapons vs. MechInf
+ Bug 3599: No flank speed for grounded aeros
+ Bug 3600: Physical attacks on grounded dropships impossible
+ Bug 3524: Physicals permitted (but fail) for a srpinted unit.
+ Bug 3397: falling during combat drop
+ Bug 3601: Can't jump or VTOL fly over grounded dropships
+ Bug 3605: Calculating Incorrect BattleForce Armor
+ Feature Request: #1129 Need method to get non-prototype heat sink count - Added a method to count heat sinks without
+ Bug: Fixed UAC5 and UAC5 Prototype Aero ranges and damage
+ Bug: add support for C*/WoB BA Bays
+ Added naval tug adaptor construction data
+ Bug: transport bays not properly encoding when writing BLK files
+ Bug with bays
+ Dune Buggy MP reduction not shown outside of games, to match TROs
+ Bug: superheavy tanks loading equipment into wrong location
+ Support UTF-8 unit names
+ Bug: Tank fission engines need engine shielding
+ Bug: Tank fission engines don't need power amps