New MekHQ Release 0.1.17





A new MekHQ release is available on the downloads page. This release is primarily about bugfixes, many of them very important. The biggest change in this release is the way that infantry is handled. Infantry now have "parts" like other units that reflect their equipment. Ultimately, this will include the ability to customize and re-organize infantry units on the fly, but we are not quite there yet. Since we now track parts for infantry, we can also calculate the value of infantry units based on those parts. Because of the way the TechManual codes infantry costs, there was no way to do this that was consistent with canon, so we put in our own values. In the future, we will probably make these values user customizable, but in the meantime, we would appreciate feedback about whether the value of infantry units seems accurate.

We have also completed the C3/C3i networking feature for the TO&E screen. Plus, we now have canon information on about one in five planets on the planetary map. Here is the full change log:

+ Bug 3529464: Divide by zero - Dragoon's Rating
+ Fixed NumberFormatException in AbstractDragoonsRating
+ Updated MegaMek.jar to r8823 for new Ultra AC options & unjamming bugfix
+ fixed error in FieldManualMercRevDragoonsRating - no BigDecimal.HUNDRED Bug
+ Bug 3529484: Tanks tagged as custom do not save to campaign file properly
+ Non-canon costs for infantry and infantry parts (WIP)
+ Fixed problem with Dragoons Rating Transport score not being limited to a max of 25.
+ InfantryArmorPart and other infantry parts improvements
+ Bug: new parts purchased for used cost
+ Bug 3530312: miscalculation in parts repairs.
+ Bug: units limited by calendar year even when option was not checked
+ Bug 3531266
+ Planetary data update 17
+ Bug: engines purchased through parts store or repaired have no unit tonnage or value
+ Patch 3530318: patch for bug 3530316
+ Bug 3523821: Refit techs list window too long.
+ Bug 3531225: C3 crashing campaign
+ Bug 3530489: Salvage Option Wrong
+ Bug 3496668: Duplicate Tech assignment
+ better information about why a part cannot be scrapped
+ Fixed the code for the Tech Rating portion of the Dragoons Rating.
+ allow multiple discontiguous selections in TO&E
+ set up c3i networks in TO&E tab (fix for bug 3537061 C3 Networking)
+ Planetary data update 18 & 19
+ added equipment.txt and Vehicle BLK Files Explained.txt to the docs folder
+ Bug 3535050: Build Error on incorrect import
+ Code for building with -dev-rXXXX revision versions
+ Updated tileset files to keep inline with the MegaMek versions (fixes a display bug)
+ Bug: C3/C3i NPE for refits. New Entity needs Player and Game objects set.
+ Updated data to match MM for new tileset images
+ Another tileset image update
+ update for Ontos correction from MegaMek.
+ Bug: Refitting a unit clears its C3UUID
+ Updating MM.jar to revision 8913
+ Updating MM.jar to revision 8916 (For EntityWeightClass.getClassName(int) functionality to be restored so that MekHQ will compile)
+ Updating with new hex image data from MegaMek
+ Updating with new lunar images from MegaMek
+ Updating mechfiles data for the Thor (Summoner) image correction from MegaMek
+ New RAT data from MegaMek
+ Planetary data update 20
+ RAT and mechfiles update to stay current with MegaMek
+ Planetary data update 21
+ Bug 3545347: Units names were not being made xml safe on save.
+ Bug 3547739: megamek disconnect during deploy phase
+ Patch 3547373/Bug 3547371: C-Bill cost truncated by int limit
+ Updated MegaMek.jar to r8958
+ Update mechset.txt to correct Thor (Summoner) images not loading on Linux/Mac where filename case matters
+ Bug: Changes to MegaMek's Mounted class removed getShotsLeft() function and replaced it with getBaseShotsLeft() instead
+ Bug: MML out of date for getShotsLeft() changes, updated to r1044 (which is up to date for the changes)
+ Planetary data update 22
+ Planetary data update 23
+ updated MM.jar and fixed reference bugs
+ Bug: unit numbering and id lost when resolving scenarios by MUL
+ set up C3 networks in TO&E tab
+ Bug: secondary techs and doctors get no time
+ Planetary data update 24
+ Bug 3532049: Sell Single not working for Ammo
+ Bug 236: Spend XP on KIA personell
+ Bug 243: Personell Tab filtered for techs includes Vessel Crew
+ Bug 180: only allow post starleague units
+ Bug 239: Parts repair leads to part loose Clan-qualifier
+ Bug 251: No Front Rightt Leg.
+ Bug 253: MMHQ uses all weapons in stack for some refits/cusomisations
+ Bug 240: duplicate Repairs without sufficent stock cause impossible c
+ additional code for Bug 240: need to clear out reservation on task completion
+ Bug: fields in MissingPart not being loaded when loadFieldsFromXML overriden by inheriting class
+ Bug 244: Repair Bay Bug: Re-Installed Parts
+ Bug: tech being de-selected after repair
+ Bug 256: Exchange Rights
+ Bug: Fox's Teeth campaign had wrong lastScenarioId value