new MegaMek development snapshot 0.35.31






another month, another snapshot. Get it on the download page.
Here's the changelog:
v0.35.31 (2012-07-11, 19:54 UTC+2)
+ Bug: StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when loading canon unit list.
+ Bug: Game hangs when targeting woods or buildings.
+ Bug 3534222: RACs not working with Unofficial UAC rules
+ Moved "All" from bottom to top of Swing unit type selection list.
+ Bug 3483346: Depth 5 water shows as land in isometric and atmospheric
+ Feature 3529300: Metal Deposits in Map Editor & MagScan sensors
+ Bug 3533479: Next Player button shown/enabled when you have no teammates
+ Feature 2898093: Camo by Unit
+ Bug 3533892: All guns treated as "explosive equipment" for edge
+ Bug: TacOps Ammo Explosion wasn't taking affect. Ever.
+ Bug: TacOps Ammo Explosion should not happen when using CASE or CASE II.
+ Bug 3535718: Problem with new SVN
+ Bug: Vehicles executing or hit by a successful charge attack not rolling for motive system damage as per TW p. 148.
+ Bug 3535786: 'Mechs deployed on water hexes deploy to surface, not sea bottom.
+ New hexset images: cropped_barn.png, orchard.png, pigs1.png, pigs2.png, vineyard.png, soybeans.png...
barn: building:1;bldg_elev:2;bldg_cf:*;fluff:11:7
orchard: woods:1;fluff:12
pigs (will randomly choose between 1 and 2): fluff:13:00
fluff:13 category for any more animals... I plan on doing horses, cattle, and chickens.
vineyard: planted_fields:2
soybeans: planted_fields:3
+ Bug 3535390: Ammo explosion in limb with Clan CASE causes side torso to "blow off" without destroying components.
+ Bug: Conditional ejection options active by default even with conditional ejection itself unchecked.
+ Bug: Engine Explosion incorrectly changed by previous commit
+ Bug 3536029: Damage Threshold for VTOLs
+ Bug: Torso-mounted modular armor absorbs hits from both front and rear.
+ Bug: Airborne/Space battle damage with cluster weapons not correct (again), and... "hopefully" dropship weapon bays doing no damage to fighters in space
+ Bug: getNextWeapon() not working exactly correct - TAG && Artillery were backwards.
+ Added skipping of array linked MGs to getFirstWeapon()
+ Bug 3536174: Artillery Units can only fire "one" artillery...
+ Bug: Dropships do no damage
+ Bug 3536170: Beginning the game shutdown with tanks they auto-start...
+ Bug: Missed png for the directory filter fix
+ Bug 3536356: Princess jump movement undervalued due to mixing for- and backward movement (which normal players can't even do).
+ Bug 3537192: Players disconnecting in lounge become permanent ghosts
+ Feature: Version mismatch reporting. If both the client and server support the version information exchange, then they will report mismatched versions.
+ Bug: One-shot weapon ammunition on vehicles causing/included in ammo critical hits.
+ Bug 3528477: Update initiative roll when using Tactical Genius
+ Bug: Tactical Genius update above was failing to enable done buttons again.
+ Bug 3537456: Turrets cannot be right click selected during firing
+ Bug 3537472: Princess will target Gun Emplacements & other non-targetable
+ Feature: Princess will now add any building with a Gun Emplacement to her strategic targets automatically
+ Bug: Checking Tank for turret Location when your Tank is actually a GunEmplacement drops an error because locations[] is too small.
+ Bug 3537444: Attempting to "Clear" (Destroy/Damge) a bridge with infantry
+ Bug 3537459: Unjam RAC not usable with tank pavement movement
+ Bug: Missing IHex hexTarget in new code for infantry checking for woods when attempting to clear.
+ string fix for battlearmor bays
+ Bug 3521474: Allow units to load/be loaded by "allied" units.
+ Bug: Compute.getMountableUnits() not checking for allied units.
+ Bug: MechDisplay showing tags since \n should have been used and wasn't.
+ Bug 3537986: Weapon List missing in MechDisplay (Linux)
+ Bug: UAC with two rolls option inserts extra newline when it misses (normal behavior that should be cancelled for that situation)
+ New hexset images:chicken_coop.png, cattle1.png, cattle2.png, cattle3.png, chickens1.png, chickens2.png, chickens3.png,
bison1.png, horses1.png, horses2.png
chicken coop: building:1;bldg_elev:1;bldg_cf:*;fluff:11:8
cattle (will randomly choose between 1, 2 and 3): fluff:13:01
horses (will randomly choose between 1 and 2): fluff:13:02
cattle (will randomly choose between 1, 2 and 3): fluff:13:03
bison: fluff:13:04
+ Corrected alignment on cropped_barn.png
+ Bug 3536913: Critical slots in destroyed locations marked off prematurely.
+ Bug: Destruction of the same leg counting twice for PSR purposes.
+ Ontos (Sealed) mislabeled as 3053 Upgrade in data file.
+ Bug: Plasma cannon/rifle damage not doubled against woods or buildings (TW p. 139).
+ Bug 1424577: GE's not properly sorted by weight class
+ Bug: Leg being destroyed and blown off at the same time still counted as two events.
+ Bug: PSR modifier for blown-off leg applied twice the phase it happens (once for the event, once as pre-existing damage).
+ Bug: Stall check for ICE-powered IndustrialMechs affected by preexisting damage.
+ Bug: Unstall check for ICE-powered IndustrialMechs possibly successful even if pilot dead/unconscious.
+ Bug: Stall/unstall checks failing on roll = target number (should be success).
+ IndustrialMech End Phase checks (including unstalling) moved to after checking for pilot wakeup.
+ Bug 3423819: c3 units boarding dropships (fixed both Bot NPEs relating to this, however I'm not sure if those were the only NPEs. I didn't get more.)
+ Bug 3537029: Princess gets NPE when opponent BA is riding
+ Bug 3539075: Damage clearing ALL armor on location for fighters (on any hit).
+ Bug 3538851: Princess doesn't attempt to unjam weapons...
+ Feature 3538540: Fumbles
+ Bug: Infantry, BA, and Gun Emplacements could be deployed shutdown
+ Feature 3537449: Deployment Options
+ Bug: EntityWeightClass.getClassName(int) needed by MekHQ
+ Bug 3391583: Coolant pods not triggered for Aero units
+ Bug: BA bay weight wrong
+ Bug: EntityWeightClass.getClassName() returns incorrect for JumpShips, Warships, and DropShips.
+ Feature 3537042: Implement Self Destruct Rules
+ Data 2826902: Fuel Tank and Ultra Rubble Tiles
+ Data 3369564: Depth 4 animated water
+ Data 3369563: Depth 3 animated water
+ Data 3369562: Depth 2 animated water
+ Data 3369561: Depth 1 animated water
+ Data 3369556: Hex art 2
+ Data 3369555: Hex art 1
+ Data 2826895: Railway tile pieces for megamek
+ Data two new hexsets with "high quality" images (hq_atmospheric and hq_isometric)
+ Fixed broken image links to Thor (Summoner) 'Mechs in mechset.txt.
+ Data 2832395: Lunar/Mars Building and Tunnel Tiles (added under the lunar tileset)
+ Data: new "Lunar Sample 16x17.board" to show off the new Lunar/Mars buildings
+ Bug 3007140 / Patch 3534055: In-phase Round Report cannot be scrolled
+ Bug 3529311 / Patch 3534060: Server browser defaults to check (enabled) but text box not
+ Bug 3518300: Princess Bot impossible rolls
+ Bug 3541025: Miscounted destroyed engine criticals
+ Bug: (Clan) CASE in limbs/head preventing ammo explosions from properly destroying the location.