MegaMek is a java program, so you must have java installed on your computer. Most operating systems will maintain an updated version of Java by default, but you can always get java here, as well. 

To install MegaMek, just unzip the download into the directory of your choice. Then double-click the MegaMek application inside the  unzipped megamek directory.

Below we list the most recent versions of MegaMek. To see a full list of available versions, visit the project  page


The latest stable version is 0.40.1.

Windows: Version 0.40.1

Linux/Unix/Mac OS X: Version 0.40.1

Use "java -jar MegaMek.jar" to launch program.

Source code: Version 0.40.1

The latest development release is 0.41.21

Windows: Version 0.41.21

Linux/Unix: Version 0.41.21   Use "java -jar MegaMek.jar" to launch program.

Mac OSX: Version 0.41.21

Source code: Version 0.41.21


MekHQ is a java program and requires java to be installed, just as MegaMek does.

Stable 0.2.0

Windows: Version 0.2.0

Linux/Unix: Version 0.2.0 Use "java -jar MegaMek.jar" to launch program.

Mac OSX: Version 0.2.0
Source code: Version 0.2.0

Development 0.3.31

Windows: Version 0.3.31

Linux/Unix: Version 0.3.31 Use "java -jar MekHQ.jar" to launch program.

Mac OSX: Version 0.3.31
Source code: Version 0.3.31


MegaMekLab is a java program and requires java to be installed, just as MegaMek does. It is currently in early development and there are no stable releases.

Windows: Version 0.1.57

Linux/Unix: Version 0.1.57 Use "java -jar MegaMek.jar" to launch program.
Mac OSX: Version 0.1.57
Source code: Version 0.1.57

Additional Data

Below are some of the more popular camos, maps, and more for enhancing your MegaMek game. You can find even more good stuff at the user creations section on our forums or the sourceforge data tracker.

The All-Camos Camo Pack. This combined pack includes the Auscam, Camolicious, Canon, Digital Camo, DresCamos, Jake, MegaMekNet, MoreandMoreCamos, Other, OverCam, and Warhol Packs.

Dylan's BattleTech Emporium. At the Emporium you can find many addition resources including: camo packs, custom mech files (ralgith and Jayof9s' IS OmniMechs included), customized builds of the software, a forum for campaign tracking & OpFor files, and more.

High Quality Texture Pack. High quality gloss textures for use as camo, by p0r0cks

Ink Effects Portraits. A huge selection of male and female portraits for use in MegaMek and MekHQ

Digital Camos. A group of digital camo textures made by pfarland

Auscam. A set of traditional "Auscam" textures made by Feenix